For the seventh time, eye specialists from the Czech Repubic and abroad met in Zlin on 14th March 2014 at an annual event of Zlin Eye Festival, also known as ZOF. The conference was held under the auspices of dr. Stodulka and GEMINI Eye Clinic and other important guests from among the ophthalmologists as well as politically known persons.

The participants of the conference had the possibility to hear contributions of their colleagues and the leading ophthalmologists in four presentation blocks. The presentations had the form of case studies, ie. every presenter commented on a specific case from their daily practice and informed their colleagues on the specific treatment method.

Traditionally, a sc. live surgery section is rather an attractive part of the Zlin Eye Festival program. This year the live surgeries were broadcast live from two eye care facilities – from Gemini in Zlin and Belgium. The live surgery from Belgium was performed by dr. Erik Mertens.

The award for Lifetime Achievment in the field of Eye Medicine was given to well-known Czech ophthalmologist doc. MUDr. Karel Kuběna, CSc.