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Eye surgeons from Belgium visited Gemini in Zlin

GEMINI in Zlin and Dr. Stodulka were visited by five eye surgeons from Antwerp, Belgium who came to see the operation rooms and laser cataract surgeries performed by Dr. Stodulka on the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform. Read more


Artificial cornea implantation assisted with laser

GEMINI Eye Clinics newly disposes of the latest femtosecond laser Z6 (Ziemer, Switzerland). The laser is a breakthrough in femtosecond laser technology and in laser eye surgery and is designed to perform even the most complex eye surgeries. Read more


Golden award to Dr. Stodulka from Cannes

Not only actors bring golden statuettes from Cannes. A similar one Dr. Stodulka is bringing home from the French town where he lectured on his experience with more than 600 laser cataract surgeries at OSCARS international ophthalmological congress. Read more


Invitation from President Klaus

It has already been a tradition for Dr. Stodulka and his wife to attend the official celebration of Czech President Vaclav Klaus` birthday. This year the event was held in the Prague Castle on June 19th Read more


Vienna orchestra members in Gemini

Two extraordinary members of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Wiener Philharmoniker), Mr. Jevgenij Andruschenko and Tomas Vinklat, visited the office of Dr. Stodulka in Vienna. Read more


Eye surgeons from abroad visited Gemini in Zlin

Laser cataract surgeries on the VICTUS femtosecond platform, introduced in the Czech Republic and Europe by Dr. Stodulka and Gemini Eye Clinic, attract the attention of ophthalmologists and eye surgeons from abroad. Read more


300 laser cataract surgeries on VICTUS femtosecond laser platform

Yesterday Gemini Eye Clinic reached the number of 300 laser cataract surgeries on VICTUS femtosecond laser platform. The clinic thus became the worldwide leader in the number of laser cataract surgeries on this laser platform. Read more


Dr. Stodulka presented on new VICTUS femtosecond laser platform at the ASCRS meeting in Chicago

Laser cataract surgeries and laser lens surgeries have been a topic for discussion also within the field of eye medicine in the USA. The American ophthalmologists were very impressed by new VICTUS femtosecond laser platform on which Dr. Stodulka gave a lecture and presentation at the ASCRS meeting of American ophthalmologists in Chicago with the attendance of thousands of eye doctors from all around the world. Read more


First one hundred laser cataract surgeries with the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform

On Tuesday 20th March 2012, Dr. Stodulka performed the one hundredth laser cataract surgery with the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform in Zlin. Gemini Eye Clinic is thus the only eye care facility in the Czech Republic equipped with a laser platform for cataract surgeries. The new laser method for cataract surgeries makes the surgery more gentle, safer and it significantly improves the precision of the surgery steps in comparison with the traditional method. Read more


4th International Symposium “Advances in diagnosis and treatment of corneal diseases” in Wisła, Poland

On Saturday, 10th March 2012, the 4th International Symposium “Advances in diagnosis and treatment of corneal diseases” in Wisła, Poland. Dr. Stodulka, head surgeon of Gemini Eye Clinic, participated actively by giving two lectures. The first one dealing with lamellar corneal transplantation (DMEK). Read more


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