Dr. Stodůlka and his patient, Hana Charvátová, were guests of a favorite morning show on TV NOVA (called Snídaně s Novou). Mrs. Charvátová was the first patient in the Czech Republic to be treated for blindness by implantation of BOSTON type atificial cornea.

This year, Mrs. Charvátová and dr. Stodůlka celebrate a 5th anniversary since the successful surgery before which Hana Charvátová had been blind for 16 years. Today, she reads and manages to do everyday activities without wearing or needing glasses.

You can watch the show (23rd and 40th minute) here (note, the show is in the Czech language):http://novaplus.nova.cz/porad/snidane-s-novou/video/304-snidane-s-novou-27-2-2014