On September 9 2013, a TEDx conference was held for the first time in Kroměříž. The conference is based on the TED conference platform which was founded in California more than thirty years ago with the aim to spread knowledge.

The conferences combine live presentations and videos with the goal to inspire, stimulate discussion and support establishing new relationships among interesting people from different fields of human interests.

Dr. Stodůlka became one of the invited speakers and with his professional presentation he attracted the audience`s attention. During  a fifteen-minute speech he managed to explain not only how he helps to return vision to people but he also presented a short video of a unique surgery he himself performed.

Among other speakers were Tomáš Netopil – an orchestra conductor, Roman Posolda – the founder of a non-profit organizaion Bikes for Africa, or Matěj Myška – a lawyer specializing in information technologies.