Prague and Zlín are the only two towns in the Czech Republic where patients can undergo laser eye correction of dioptric errors with the use of the fastest and most precise laser platform in the world.  You can get rid of your shortsightedness, farsaightedness or astigmatism within a few minutes.

The new laser was introduced first at Gemini Eye Clinic in Zlin in October 2013. In March 2014, the same platform was installed also at Gemini in Prague-Krc. “Gemini for a long time used to be the only facility to own such a laser, and now the clinic has two of the Amaris 1050 lasers. Annually, we perform several thousands procedures with the use of the laser,” said dr. Drahomira Barakova, head surgeon at Gemini in Prague-Krc.

Today`s state of the art laser technology allows us to gently remove such eye errors such as shortsightedness or farsightedness, including combined errors with astigmatism. The surgery with the new laser Amaris 1050 is an out-patient procedure taking only a few minutes. “The laser places one thousand laser pulses in a second, which is four times more than in common lasers. Higher speed makes the procedure shorter. The speed-up brings another enhancement of the safety of the procedure, makes the procedure gentle to the patient`s eye, because the eye is not exposed to the external conditions for a longer time,” explained head surgeon Pavel Stodulka.