During the time of its existence, the clinic achieved numerous national as well as international and world-wide primacies in the field of eye surgery.

GEMINI Eye Clinic was founded in Zlin in 2003 when its first clinic had been opened. Later, the clinic was moved into larger premises which were more suitable for the needs of an expending eye clinic.  After the reconstruction in 2013 and after the new laser center in Zlin was opened, the clinic became the largest private eye care facility.  The operation rooms are equipped with the state-of-the-art lasers. Among the newest there is the excimer laser Amaris 1050 which is the fastest and the most precise laser for corrections of eye errors. GEMINI Eye Clinic is besides Zlin to be found also in Prague – in Krč and in Průhonice. During the past ten years GEMINI clinics in České Budějovice, Brno, Ostrava and in Vienna, Austria were established.

Dr. Stodůlka introduced several new laser surgeries methods – for instance  femtosecond laser LASIK  or laser cataract surgeries with the use of the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform. He also performed implantations of artificial cornea of the Boston type with which he helped to restore vision in patients who had been blind for many years. The first patient with an artificial cornea had been blind for sixteen years, today she can even read without her glasses. Thanks to a number of successful surgeries and the latest equippment, GEMINI Eye Clinic has become a place of interest of international ophthalmologists who come to visit the clinic from all over the world.

GEMINI Eye Clinic has also attracted several personalities of Czech cultural and social life – among our patients are the former Czech president Václav Klaus, actresses Květa Fialová and Eliška Balzerová, singer Eva Pilarová or violin player Václav Hudeček. Members of Tomas Bata`s family come for their eye care to GEMINI in Zlín.