On Friday April 18th, dr. Stodůlka operated on a young girl from a children and youth home in Česká Kamenice. The girl`s name is Hana S. and she had been suffering from several eye defects at once.

Hana studies in the third year at a medical secondary school. Her eye problems made it difficult for her to prepare for as well as in the classes. “Besides school, I was also limited in doing some activities when I could not wear my glasses such as while swimming or doing other sports, but also in everyday activities. I had to be really careful not to break my glasses, so I had them always on me. Without the glasses it was dangerous for me to cross the road, I could not see the coming cars,” describes Hana her eye troubles.  

The patient underwent a laser eye correction with the Amaris 1050 laser, the fastest and most precise laser for eye error correcrions in the world. The price of laser surgery of one eye is 960 EUR. “GEMINI Eye Clinic and Rotary Club in Zlin provided the financial means so that the patient was able to undergo the surgery for the charge of free,” said Dr. Pavel Stodůlka. “We had been dealing with Hana`s poor eyesight for a long time with a numerous ophthalmologists. In our youth home she participates in many activities. We were considering also her life situation. The surgery will free her from her handicap, it will strengthen her self-consciousness and will make it easier for her to start living her own independent life,” said the managing tutoress from the Children home, ms. Jitka Janoušková, when she described the reasons for Hana`s surgery.