The new Katana LaserSoft laser system is intended for use in ophthalmic refractive surgery so that people do not need to wear glasses or contact lenses. The new technology of the laser, whose wave length differs from all currently used ophthalmic lasers, increases the precision of the laser. “We are speaking about a so called solid state laser and thus its reliability is higher than in other currently used gas lasers and the operating costs should be lower,” explains dr. Stodůlka.

The objective of laser eye surgery is the highest precision of an eye error removal. “The modern lasers are extremely precise and gentle, and they allow to correct even rather complicated and high refractive errors so that patients do not need their glasses,” described Dr. Stodůlka.

The nature of the laser procedure lies in ablation of the corneal tissues by a laser beam. After it has been delivered to the cornea, the laser beam can gently remove the pre-set, extremely thin layer of the cornea. “The laser pulse distribution is controlled by a computer thus the tissue layer removal is very fast and highly precise. By gradual tissue removal, the required cornea curvature is achieved and thus also to a change in the corneal optical error. The absolute top of the lasers is currently the so called 6D laser that allows to compensate for the tiniest micromovements of the eye during the procedure, and thus it reaches its highest precision. We have been experienced in implementing new technologies. Laser technology development is advancing really fast and it is necessary to follow the new findings in this field,” explains Dr. Stodůlka the use of the new laser.