GEMINI Eye Clinic opened a brand new laser center in Zlin on Friday 12th April 2013. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the visitors had the opportunity to see the premises as well as all the rooms of the clinic including the operation rooms, examining offices, etc. of the new laser center.

The newly built space is equipped with a special system of air purification by the means of a nano-purifier working on the  principle of photocatalysis. The installation of this system is unique in that it is the first installation of this kind within a health care facility and for the first time in the world there has been installed the unique system of  nanopaint using UV LED lighting. The inventor Jan Procházka attending the opening ceremony as well as the press conference.

The opening ceremony was also attended by numerous personalities from the Czech and Slovak cultural scene: Eva Pilarova (singer), Fero Fenic (director), Roman Pomajbo (a Slovak actor),  Roman Dangl (a Slovak actor), and others.