GEMINI Eye Clinic offers a new cosmetic procedure – a golden eye sequin implantation with the use of a femtosecond laser. It is a brand new cosmetic procedure and in the Czech Republic it is offered only at GEMINI Eye Clinic who participated in the development of the eye sequin.

The eye sequin is made by laser and a nanotechnology; it is only a several micrometers thin.

It is implanted either within a short procedure or within a LASIK surgery with the use of a femtosecond laser.

The sequin is observable from the distance of  2-3 meters in the day light and even better under the artificial lighting. The person wearing the sequin cannot perceive it while seeing unless they look in the mirror. cadla.

The sequin is completely safe.

The price for a pair of golden sequins for implantation into one eye is 10 000 CZK (366 EUR), so typically the price is  20 000 CZK when applied into both eyes.

Currently there has been a special offer: you will only pay 10 000 CZK for both eyes when implanted within a LASIK 6D DIAMANT.

We have been offering the golden eye sequin implantation since this summer; it has, however, been very popular in the Arab world.