On Wednesday 23rd April 2014, dr. Stodůlka performed the first and brand new procedure for correction of eye errors with a sc. selective crosslinking method.

During the procedure with this method the cornea becomes reshaped as well as strengthened with a new device called KXL II system (Avedro, USA). The method is unique in its capability to reshape as well as strengthen the cornea in only one step. The method is suitable for corrections of lower eye errors, but its main benefit demonstrates mainly in more complicated eye error corrections such as in structural deformation of the cornea called keratoconus.

In 2011, Dr. Stodůlka became the first surgeon in the Czech Republic to combine CXL procedure with a laser reshaping of the cornea. First, the laser is used to reshape the eye, which is consequently strengthened for a stable visual outcome. The duration of the procedure was reduced from 30 to only 3 minutes. The procedure is carried out on an out-patient basis. Eye surgery has thus shifted from being a surgery in its true sense of the word to a new dimension of a non-invasive procedure. Today, it is more about out-patient procedures with stable outcomes.