ReLEx Smile is a minimally invasive method intended exclusively for the correction of myopia – impaired distance vision. The main benefit of the method is that the 3D femtosecond laser removes dioptres under the surface of the cornea. The surgeon subsequently removes the separated tissue through a miniature incision, which results in a change in the cornea curvature thus correcting the eye disorder. This results in particular in a general minimal invasiveness of the surgery and a minimal disruption of the cornea. Thanks to the miniature incision the risk of infection is also very low. However, the method allows only myopia, or, where applicable, in combination with astigmatism, to be corrected.

The new surgery for the correction of myopia brings a number of benefits. One of them is the fact that only one laser is used during the surgery, resulting in a minimization of the time necessary for the entire surgery. The surgery is executed within the framework of outpatient care and the eye is anaesthetized with anaesthetic eye drops only.

Among the first patients undergoing this treatment was Ms Lenka Hudečková, who is very happy about the surgery. “The operation went smoothly, it was not painful at all and the result is simply excellent! My vision was very good as early as the following day, the blurring disappeared and the only things that I see a bit blurred for the time being are light sources,” said Lenka.