Dr. Stodůlka performed a laser eye surgery to Tomas Bata`s granddaughter. Francesca Bata Blyth flew for the surgery at GEMINI in Zlin from Canada.

Tomas Bata`s family became fond of Pavel Stodůlka`s work several years ago. The first one to undergo a surgery at dr. Stodůlka`s clinic was Tomas Bata, Jr. and was later followed by his daughter Monica with her husband, daughter Rosemarie and his grandson Thomas. After his visit to GEMINI Eye Clinic Tomas Bata, Jr. said: “I am proud of Czech doctors skills and knowledge, it is worth travelling to them from Canada.

Francesca chose our clinic because at the moment we are the only eye care facility in Europe that uses the excimer laserAmaris 1050. It is the fastest excimer laser for eye errors corrections. The laser places more than a thousand laser pulses on the surface of the eye in one second.  The higher speed means shortening the duration of the procedure and contributes to the fact that the eye is not exposed to the external influences, and thus also contributes to higher precision and gentleness of the procedure. This laser is now located only in three places in the world: at GEMINI in Zlin, in Honkong and Oman.” explained dr. Stodůlka, head surgeon of the GEMINI Eye Clinic.