1. Team – all surgeons have been selected and trained by Dr. Stodůlka, Chief eye surgeon

Dr. Stodůlka introduced LASIK laser eye surgery to the Czech Republic and is globally recognized as an innovator in the field of eye surgery. He performed laser eye surgery on former president Václav Klaus and Tomáš Baťa as well as on a number of eye specialists.

2. Innovations – we were the first to perform most laser eye surgeries in the Czech Republic

Dr. Stodůlka, Chief eye surgeon, as the first eye specialist in the Czech Republic started using the femtosecond laser for eye surgeries, and has performed the first LASIK, SBK as well as femto-LASIK eye surgeries. He was the first in Europe to introduce lens and cataract eye surgery using the VICTUS laser. We are the first and the only ones in the Czech Republic performing LASIK surgery on the VICTUS laser platform. Among other firsts is the LASIK EXTRA surgery combining LASIK with the hardening of the cornea by means of the CXL method for the stabilization of the result. Dr. Stodůlka as the first eye specialist in the Czech Republic performed microcision cataract surgery, a laser lens operation with the implantation of a trifocal intraocular lens, implantation of a corneal microlens for the correction of presbyopia, implantation of an artificial cornea, as well as other eye operations. Some of the operations were introduced by Dr. Stodůlka for the first time in Europe or even globally.

3. Safety – teamwork, equipment, knowledge and experience

Advanced technologies, knowledge and highly experienced surgeons are the guarantee of maximum safety. We use the 6D laser Amaris 1050RS, the fastest and most precise laser for the correction of eye disorders, which as the only one in the Czech Republic, measures the thickness of the cornea during eye surgery on a continual and contactless basis, further enhancing the already very high safety. No other eye clinic in the Czech Republic performs measurements of the thickness of the cornea during eye surgery in a continual and contactless manner. We are the only eye clinic in the Czech Republic offering the LASIK Extra method where hardening of the cornea is executed during laser eye surgery for the stabilization of the result and the minimization of the risk of a change in the cornea share after laser eye surgery. Gemini surgeons have executed the highest number of laser eye operations in the Czech Republic and their knowledge and experience in combination with the best technology improves the safety of eye surgery to the highest level.

4. Technology – always one step ahead of our competitors

To secure maximum quality and safety of eye surgery, the teamwork of top surgeons and advanced technologies are necessary. We are the first in the Czech Republic and the third in the world to use the Amaris 1050RS 7D laser. The laser delivers to the eye over 1,000 laser pulses per second, which is four times as many pulses delivered by the Zeiss MEL80 laser or twice as many pulses delivered by Alcon WaveLight lasers. The Amaris laser is technologically ahead of our competitors in terms of rate as well as precision, as it is the only laser in the world which monitors micro-movements of the eye in the course of eye surgery and compensates for their effect on the precision of the ongoing surgery on a continuous basis. We use femtosecond lasers from the Swiss firm Ziemer, including the latest generation, the Z8, which is rightly considered the world’s most versatile laser for eye surgery. The Z8 femtosecond laser got its Czech premiere right at the Gemini clinic.

5. Wide portfolio of operations – comprehensive care

Thanks to the equipment and knowledge of our surgeons we are able to offer the most extensive portfolio of operations and to offer the patient the surgery which is optimal for their eye disorder or disease. In addition to standard operations correcting eye disorders, we also perform LASIK EXTRA surgery combining LASIK with the hardening of the cornea by the CXL method for the stabilization of the result and surgery to correct presbyopia – the need for reading glasses – by means of the implantation of a “Dew Drop” lens in the cornea by laser. Laser lens and cataract surgery are combined with the implantation of a trifocal lens, such as the Fine Vision (PhysIOL, Belgium) allowing freedom the dependence on glasses in most everyday situations. In addition to all dioptric eye disorders we provide treatment of the retina, keratoconus and glaucoma. Dr. Stodůlka, Chief eye surgeon, also performs transplantations of the cornea and implantations of artificial cornea.

6. Financing – high quality at reasonable prices

We offer eye surgery covered by contractual health insurance companies to our patients free of charge. Gemini Eye Clinic is a contractual partner of all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic. Among the paid materials and services, which are covered by the patient, are, in addition to laser eye surgeries, e.g. the implantation of a trifocal or a multifocal intraocular lens or eyelid surgery. Laser eye surgery as well as other paid surgery are performed at reasonable prices using the latest technology. The surgery may also be covered by a consumer loan.

7. Availability – in terms of territory and time

Gemini Eye Clinics can be found distributed in the territory of the Czech Republic and in Vienna, Austria. We also offer dates of examinations and surgery at weekends and in late afternoons. Thanks to the advanced examination equipment and the closely cooperating team, it is possible to perform the examination and the surgery on the same day, which spares your time and money and minimizes your stress. Gemini Eye Clinics are equipped with examination devices enabling a comprehensive examination of the eyes, including the retina to be performed on the day of the eye surgery. Examinations and postoperative check-ups can be performed at other Gemini Eye Clinics than that where the surgery was performed.

8. Science, development and research

Gemini Eye Clinic has an internal development team. We cooperate with the world’s leading laser manufacturers. We have also participated in the development of the femtosecond VICTUS laser. We were a partner in the development of the globally unique CAPSULaser, a laser for cataract surgery. The result of internal development is, for example, the thinnest needle in the world – a so-called Thin Smart Needle with the outer diameter of 0.14 mm. Gemini thus actively participates in the development of not only Czech but also the world’s eye surgery. Doctors at the Gemini clinic played a part in the development of the Gemioptal® line of dietary supplements for retinal support and nourishment. Every year we organize the Zlín Eye Festival and the Prague Eye Festival – congresses of experts with international participation, that broadcast the world’s most modern eye operations to the whole world, via satellite and internet. We have been organizing a series of internal seminars for eye specialists for many years. Dr. Stodůlka, Chief eye surgeon, has given over 500 scientific lectures in the Czech Republic as well as globally and has lectured on eye surgery at renowned international conferences.

9. Infrastructure

Gemini Eye Clinic has built the largest network of eye clinics in the Czech Republic. The Eye Clinic in Zlín is the largest eye clinic in the Czech Republic with an area exceeding 5,000 m2, where there are six eye operating theatres and more than 10 lasers, some of which were installed here as the first in Europe or even the first in the world. Gemini Eye Clinic has developed an internal electronic system of medical documentation to which all Gemini Eye Clinics are connected.

10. Tradition

Since its foundation Gemini Eye Clinic has been a pioneer in the field of eye surgery and has been developing the long-time tradition of Zlín, Czech and European ophthalmology. Gemini Eye Clinic has been awarded a number of certificates recognized internationally. Gemini Eye Clinic is a partner of important social, cultural as well as sports events. Gemini Rally Team won the Barum Rally 2013 competition in its class. We have supported the Jazz na Hradě musical cycle and the important film festivals – Febiofest and Zlín Film Festival.