Gemini Eye Clinic is a high-tech private clinic and its long-term tradition of eye surgery has been widely recognized and respected.

At GEMINI our objective is the best possible quality of your vision. The health care we provide is the result of cooperation and the personal approach of a medical team supervised by renowned doctors and equipped with the latest technology. The helpfulness of our staff and the effort to meet our client’s requirements and needs is commonplace. For this reason we provide some of our services including certain operations during weekends as well as in late afternoons. The team of specialists is headed by MUDr. Pavel Stodůlka, Ph.D., FEBOS-CR, an eye surgeon with many years of experience, who is highly recognized not just in the Czech Republic but also internationally. He is well-known for his numerous contributions to the field of eye medicine by performing a number of unique eye operations, which he often performed for the first time in the Czech Republic or in the world.

At GEMINI we will examine your eyes thoroughly using the latest instruments and if necessary we will choose the most appropriate operation. The surgery itself is performed by an experienced surgeon in an operation room equipped with the highest standard instrumentation. Gentle surgery is the main principle and the aim is to achieve high vision quality. Due to employing the most modern and gentle procedures we perform all operations on an outpatient basis.

Gemini Eye Clinic was the first eye care facility in the Czech Republic to introduce 6D laser Amaris 1050 (Schwind, Germany). Amaris 1050 is the fastest and most precise laser for corrections of refractive errors in the world. Amaris 1050 offers its unique technological qualities which cannot be found in other laser technique manufacturers. 6D laser monitors all the micromovements of the eye in six dimensions during the procedure. The laser thus places its beam more precisely than before. It results in higher acquired quality of the vision. Gemini thus runs the most extensive network of up-to-date lasers for eye corrections in the Czech Republic. We perform thousands of cataract and other surgeries each year.

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