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The Conference in Paris: a prestigious event at which Gemini ophthalmologists were awarded with prizes

The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons annual congress is one of the most renowned professional events in eye surgery. The Gemini specialists got an overview of the innovations, but also passed on valuable experience for which they received awards. Read more


Travel by air after a laser eye surgery? The type of surgery is decisive

There is this myth that people cannot fly by plane after eye surgery. In most cases, there are no reasons for being so hyper-cautious; however, there only are two exceptions. Read more


The secret to healthy vision: regular checkups, a varied diet, eye yoga and less time at your computer and laptop screens

60 percent of the world’s population suffers from some eye defect. And the number of people with vision problems is steeply increasing. You should take care also after your eyes! What principles should be followed to keep your eyes in the best shape? Read more


Summer is here! How to protect your eyes while swimming?

Swimming and bathing is a popular summer activity. But there is a lot of danger for your eyes in the water. How to protect your eyes in a pond, sea, or a pool? Read more


Sun, water, reading, and barbeques: summer is the most challenging time of the year for your eyes

You should protect your eyes all year round, and during the summer pleasures your eyes can experience a number of troubles which can be irreversibly damaging. Read more


An ophthalmologist from a formerly communist part of Europe to become the AECOS President

Chief eye surgeon Pavel Stodůlka will be the next European President of the prestigious American-European ophthalmic society (AECOS). He was elected by the clear majority of the committee members. Read more


American conference with the participation of Czech ophthalmologists

Dr. Pavel Stodůlka ha just come back from San Diego, USA, where he was lecturing at an annual conference of the ASCRS (the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery). Beside others, in his scientific video Dr. Stodůlka introduced laser platforms in the development of which he personally participated. Read more


Do not underestimate shopping for the right sunglasses

Indeed, poor quality sunglasses can hurt more than if you have no sunglasses at all. What to look for when shopping for the proper sunglasses? Read more


Not being able to see prior to surgery, now she dives in the Maledives

She is grateful to the Gemini Eye Clinic team for her new life she can now enjoy without having to wear glasses or lenses. She sent us some photos of scuba diving in the Maldives as an evidence. And before the surgery, she had not been able to even see how many people there were in the room. Read more


How to get relief from eye allergies

The allergy period is here. During the early spring, those allergic suffer from the pollen of trees and shrubs. Allergy manifestations are not only unpleasant but, for example, untreated eye allergies can be dangerous to vision. Read more


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