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Czech Miss World after an eye surgery

The Czech Miss World 2016 and blogger of the year for 2016 has undergone an eye surgery at the Gemini Eye Clinic in Prague. Read more


The Gemini Clinic to be the 5th facility in the world to implement a new laser surgical method

Hypermetropia was first operated on with the use of the ReLEx Smile method in the Czech Republic for the first time on 17th October 2017. This prime procedure took place in Zlín at Gemini Eye Clinic. The surgeons from the Zlín Eye Clinic helped Kristýna from a high hypermetropia by a gentle method called ReLEx Smile, and Gemini thus became the 5th clinic in the world to employ such surgical method. Read more


Successful participation of Gemini ophthalmologists in the conference in Portugal

The chief eye surgeon of the Gemini Eye Clinic belonged among the most prolific speakers of the annual ESCRS (the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) conference in v Lisbon. Read more


Chief surgeon Stodůlka to be the first surgeon in the Czech Republic to earn the title FEBOS-CR

Dr. Stodůlka passed as the first surgeon in the Czech Republic and one of the first surgeons in Europe the examination FEBOS-CR for the subspecialities in cataract and refractive surgery. Read more


A young Australian woman chose an eye care clinic in the Czech Republic

Magdalena Grois shortly after an eye surgery returned to her homeland Australia. She would positively recommend the Gemini Eye Clinic to anyone. Read more


A prestigious scientific journal published dr. Stodůlka’s article

Cataract & Refractive Surgery Today Europe, a publication for European eye surgeons, published the contribution of Dr. Pavel Stodůlka on his experience with the treatment of presbyopia. Read more


Laser eye surgery – what happens on a surgery day

Are you getting ready for a laser eye surgery? You might not have any clue what you might expect and you may be a bit nervous. Read more


Chief eye surgeon Pavel Stodůlka lectured at conferences in the Czech Republic as well as abroad

During a single month, Dr. Pavel Stodůlka had attended four conferences as an active participant. He came back from the Catalan metropolis – Barcelona. Read more


Dr. Pavel Stodůlka lectured at the conference in Germany

The International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgeons was held in Nurnberg from 11th to 13th May. Head surgeon Pavel Stodůlka contributed with his lectures on CAPSULASER. Read more


How to choose your sunglasses? What do we often forget?

Due to the ozone layer depletion, the sun radiation has been more and more intensive. Besides the skin, it is also necessary to protect your eyesight. Read more


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