At present, the state-of-the-art cataract surgery method is represented by the utilization of femtosecond laser – eg. at Gemini Eye Clinic it is the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform. However, the disadvantage of these lasers lies in their high purchase costs and strict operating costs.

Excel Lens, an American company, cooperating with Dr. Stodůlka and Gemini Eye Clinic have developed a brand new and unique laser for cataract surgery, which removes some of the drawbacks of other femtosecond lasers. A compact CAPSULASER is used at the beginning of a cataract surgery to prepare the eye for the removal of the clouded human lens. This phase may either be performed manually with the use of microsurgical instruments, or with the use of a laser.

The new CAPSULASER is the fastest laser to perform this surgery phase in the world – it only takes one second. Besides this fact, the laser is much smaller and operation costs are lower than femtosecond lasers. A clinical study on the outcomes of the CapsuLaser surgeries is scheduled to be launched at Gemini Eye Clinic in Summer 2016.

Femtosecond laser technologies (such as VICTUS or Z8) are universal and capable of performing several phases of the surgery, which used to be carried out by surgeons with the utilization of mechanical instruments. In addition to cataract surgery, the lasers may be applied in LASIK procedures (removal of diopters). They have been unexcelled in the entire scope of use. The CAPSULASER, however, allows to precisely and gently perform the key surgical phases, which has a profound effect and a long-term stability of outcomes.