To remove eye defects such as shortsightedness or farsightedness (including potential combinations of these with astigmatism) the most frequently used methods are various LASIK variants. LASIK stands out for its painless course of the procedure itself, as well as during the postoperative period.

The new technology, called SmartPulse and installed on the lasers at Gemini Eye Clinics by the German manufacturer, should shorten the time necessary for acquiring a high-quality vision after the surgery even more than is standard. The innovative principle lies in an enhanced way of placing laser pulses onto the surface of the eye. The manufacturer developed a new technical solution with the advantage in an extraordinarily smooth surface of the cornea areas treated by the laser. Thanks to this fact, the vision becomes significantly better immediately after the surgery, and the resulting quality of the visual acuity is achieved in a shorter period of time than before. In the Czech Republic, the SmartPulse technology is only been used at Gemini Eye Clinics.