It is for the first time this year when a video made by a Czech ophthalmic surgeon has been reckoned by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the most respected scientific society of ophthalmic surgeons and physicians. The video describes the world-first complex laser surgery performed  by Dr. Stodůlka with the use of the VICTUS femtosecond laser platform. Dr. Stodůlka`s videos of eye surgeries serve for education of eye surgeons and they are highly evaluated at numerous international conferences, together with Dr. Stodůlka`s lectures, workshops and presentations during various prestigious international conferences, where he introduces the state-of-the-art surgery methods and procedures to eye surgeons; methods and procedures Dr. Stodůlka has developed or participated in their implementation.

Odkaz na video Dr. Stodůlky na webu


Dr. Stodůlka highly values the appraisal of the American Ophthalmology Academy for its good reputation within the scientific circles. Dr. Stodůlka received a number of e-mails congratulating him on his success immediately after the appraisal, among which e-mails from some top surgeons; to represent the Czech ones, for instance, prof. Pavel Rozsíval sent his congratulations.