Crystal Line femtosecond laser LASIK

Crystal Line – the fastest and gentlest laser to create a lamella – a thin layer on the eye surface to prevent pain after the surgery. It is manufactured by Ziemer, a Swiss med-tech company. All other lasers for this purpose manufactured worldwide run at a frequency of hundreds of Hz with a pulse energy at mJ. Ziemer lasers are the only ones much faster running at a frequency at MHz with low pulse energy at mJ.

Lifetime guarantee

The lifetime guarantee after LASIK with Crystal Line femtosecond laser is a part of the standard health care for GEMINI Eye Clinic clients. We very much appreciate the trust our clients have placed in us and our services. Our clinic regards it as an essential obligation to provide our clients with helpful advice and/or aftercare. In most cases the outcomes of laser eye correction are that the client will not need to wear glasses or contact lenses any more. In some patients with more complex eye errors, with thinner cornea or in the elderly, such a condition cannot be achieved. In such cases and upon a consultation with a specialist, a solution which will only partially replace the patient`s need for glasses may be suggested.

If a Gemini eye specialist recommends a touch-up or enhancement procedure (ie. another laser eye surgery), the new surgery will be offered to the client for free. The client`s health and the safety of every enhancement procedure will always be taken into consideration in the first place. It is necessary for the primary and/or enhancement surgeries to be performed only at Gemini eye clinics. Provided the client has undergone the surgery at any other eye care facilities, the guarantee can no longer be claimed at Gemini Eye Clinic. This does not apply to cases of urgent care. At the same time it is essential that the client responsibly follows the postoperative instructions which were introduced to him by the specialists at Gemini Eye Clinic. Responsible and strict following of the use of prescribed medication and of scheduled postoperative appointments is highly recommended. Any violation of the above mentioned recommendations leads to the loss of the guarantee, and can also lead to irreplaceable vision impairment.

All vision examinations directly associated with the laser eye corrections are provided to the client free of charge within the frame of the guarantee.

What is not covered by and what will void the guarantee:

  1. Any injury of the eye leading to the loss of vision or vision deterioration.
  2. Any eye disease which demonstrates itself in the time after the primary laser correction and which was not discovered previously during the preoperative eye assessment (cataract, glaucoma, presbyopia, inflammation, etc.)
  3. Any systematic disease undergone in the time after the primary laser correction (eg. diabetes, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, or any other autoimmune disease) which can manifests itself in the eyes.
  4. Conditions of the cornea (eg. its thickness and/or curvature) that would not allow any other laser correction. Any obvious violation of the postoperative instructions, or not following of the scheduled appointments. Postoperative interventions carried out at any other laser eye care facility not belonging to Gemini Eye Clinic.

The client can freely claim the lifetime guarantee at any time in the future as an aftercare following the laser eye correction with the all laser LASIK with Crystal Line femtosecond laser, providing such a method is still in use in ophthalmology.