Cataract – clouding of the lens

A cataract is an eye disorder common at a higher age, exceptionally found in young people or children. The only possible treatment for a cataract is surgery with the implantation of an artificial intraocular lens.

There are two methods of cataract surgery – standard ultrasonic and advanced laser eye surgery. Ultrasonic surgery with the implantation of a standard lens is covered by health insurance – therefore it is free of charge. Laser eye surgery is safer, more precise, less invasive and it is performed as an extra. The patient can choose from various types of intraocular lenses differing from one another by their optical properties.

Gemini Eye Clinic led by Dr. Pavel Stodůlka, Ph.D., Chief eye surgeon, is renowned, among others, for cataract surgery based on a micro-incision providing high-quality vision. In fact, cataract surgery is globally the most frequently performed surgery. Thanks to advanced technologies and materials cataract surgery is a painless operation lasting several minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Cataract surgery using the VICTUS laser

As the first eye clinic in Europe, Gemini Eye Clinic has been performing laser cataract surgery using the VICTUS femtosecond laser since February 2012. Some steps of the surgery, which are performed using microsurgical instruments in the case of the standard method, are now executed by laser. Compared to ultrasonic cataract surgery the new method is therefore less invasive, safer and much more precise.

The laser manufactured in Germany provides the surgeon with the possibility to set the necessary parameters individually according to the patient’s eye. During surgery the surgeon is displayed the structure of the front segment of the eye in real time, which contributes to the safe and controlled course of the surgery.
The VICTUS laser does not execute all steps performed manually by the surgeon during the standard method of the surgery. It only provides a higher precision and safety while being less invasive due to the fact that certain phases of the surgery are executed by a laser beam only. This eliminates the necessity to use some instruments. Another advantage is the reduced stress of the tiny structures inside the eye. During standard cataract surgery the clouded lens is at first removed using ultrasound. Thanks to the replacement of ultrasound with laser, which works without physical contact with the lens, this step is much less invasive, meaning that the energy-related as well as mechanical stress of the eye is lower.

The VICTUS laser is the first femtosecond laser in the world which is suitable for both laser corrections of dioptres and corneal laser surgery. Gemini Eye Clinic has participated in the development of the laser. We were the first eye clinic in Europe providing corneal surgery using this laser and we were the first eye clinic in the world to start using the laser for the correction of eye disorders. Currently Gemini Eye Clinic is the only eye clinic in the Czech Republic using this laser to employ the LASIK method for both corneal surgery and laser corrections of eye disorders.