A life-time guarantee following a laser eye surgery based on the LASIK method performed by the Crystal Line or Z6 and/or 6D laser (i.e. employing the CRYSTAL LASIK and 6D DIAMANT LASIK method) or the ReLEX Smile method is provided within the framework of the standard care for GEMINI Eye Clinic patients. We appreciate the trust with which patients come to us to undergo eye surgery and we feel that our duty is to provide them any necessary advice and follow-up care. In most cases it is possible to expect eye disorder correction within the scope allowing the patient not to wear glasses or contact lenses after the surgery. In exceptional cases where more complicated eye disorders are involved, the cornea is thinner, the eye is dry or in elderly patients the aforementioned guarantee cannot be provided. In these cases it is possible, following a consultation with the surgeon, to offer a solution which will free the patient from the necessity to wear glasses only partly.

Any time after surgery, when a Gemini surgeon recommends undergoing the same surgery in the same manner with the same equipment, the respective surgery will be offered to the patient free of charge. The patient’s health and safety related to each repeated surgery will always be considered as a number-one priority.

It is necessary to perform the first surgery as well as any follow-up operations exclusively at Gemini Eye Clinic. If the patient undergoes any surgery at any other eye clinic, it is no longer possible to claim for free care from Gemini. This shall not apply to any acute care cases.

In addition, it is necessary for the patient to adhere to the postoperative routine which was determined and explained to the patient by Gemini specialists. Accurate adherence to medication and dates for examinations, as well strict observance of all postoperative limitations, are of utmost importance. Violation of the aforementioned rules will result not only in the loss of the guarantee, but above all it may lead to irreversible impairment of vision.

Within the framework of the life-long guarantee all examinations of vision related to the performed laser eye surgery are provided free of charge.

The life-long guarantee shall not cover the following situations or shall expire in the following cases:

  1. Any eye injury resulting in a loss or impairment of vision or in a change in the condition of the cornea.
  2. Any eye disease which became evident after the initial laser eye surgery and had not been discovered during the preoperative examination (cataract or glaucoma, presbyopia, inflammation…).
  3. Any other general diseases gone through after the initial laser eye surgery (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis or other auto-immune diseases) which may affect the eyes.
  4. Conditions of the cornea (e.g. thickness or curvature, dryness) which preclude another safe laser eye surgery. Obvious failure to adhere to the postoperative routine or failure to come to prescribed check-ups. Postoperative eye surgery executed at eye clinics different from Gemini.

The patient may claim for the life-long guarantee free of charge at any time in the future in the form of care following laser eye surgery executed by the LASIK method using the femtosecond Crystal Line or Z6 or 6D laser (i.e. by the CRYSTAL LASIK and 6D DIAMANT LASIK method) or using the ReLEX Smile method provided that the method concerned is still employed at Gemini Eye Clinic.