Eyelid surgery

The most frequent reason for eyelid surgery is skin aging and loss of its elasticity. Skin starts overhanging, often together with prolapsing fat. Eyelid surgery is mostly performed on the upper eyelids, sometimes also lower lids are operated on. At our clinic, the best solutions and options are offered and recommended to you during the pre-operation check-up consulted by a plastic eye surgeon.

Mimic wrinkle correction

Non-surgical injection methods for smoothing out mimic wrinkles are employed more and more frequently. The advantage is that these methods are less invasive. At Gemini Eye Clinic two kinds of injections are used. The first type are botulinum toxin injections which relax the so-called dynamic wrinkles by means of relaxing mimic muscles. The other method is so-called filler injections where hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin and hypodermis. Hyaluronic acid smoothens out the wrinkles with its fluid.

Application of fillers

The most frequently used intradermal implant these days is hyaluronic acid produced by biotechnological procedures. Hyaluronic acid is part of the human body and its functions are to moisturize the skin and to increase the complexion tonus. Hyaluronic acid is applied into the skin in the required area in the form of injections of transparent gel. After the injection of hyaluronate gel is applied, the gaps and spaces between collagen fibres are filled and wrinkles smoothed out. The hyaluronic acid preparations are so well tolerated that there is no need of a pre-test which is, however, necessary in the case of collagen preparations.

Eyelash extension with drops

Beautiful, long, dark and thick eyelashes do not necessarily imply worries about smearing or troubles with adhesives for artificial eyelashes. Thanks to special drops, it is possible to support the growth of your own eyelashes. With long-time application eyelashes become thicker and gradually darker. No more mascara smearing. Save your time needed for making-up.

Golden eye sequin implantation

Golden eye sequins are implanted into the eye by laser, specifically always in pairs, which means two sequins in both eyes. There are no postoperative limitations or risks. Sequins can be removed from eyes in the course of time. The golden sequin is manufactured by laser and nanotechnology. Gemini Eye Clinic has participated in the manufacturing procedure which is subject to patent application. The diameter of the sequin is 1 mm and its thickness is several microns. The sequin has a round shape. The sequin is visible from a distance of 2-3 metres in normal daylight. Under artificial lighting its visibility is even better. The person wearing the sequin can see it only when they look in the mirror.

Removal of subcutaneous fat from the lesser parts without surgical procedure

We newly offer the procedure of removal of subcutaneous fat with lipolysis solutions. The lipolysis solution is applied into the undesirable fat tissue, which gradually dissolves, The solution is used for treating of lesser body parts such as double chin, excessive facial fat, flabby arms. The flabby skin after the fat dissolution should be enhanced by mesodermal threads.