No more mascara smearing; only beautiful, long, dark and thick eyelashes.

Gemini Eye Center offers a new and really effective method of  eyelash extension with the use of drops. Do you wish to wake up with your make-up already on? Do you wish to feel beautiful and without troubles do whatever you want to do? Get rid of the look of joined eyelashes and the feeling of tired eyes which are caused by non-professional handling with artificial eyelashes glues?

If your answers are yes, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you further information and also your appointment date at Gemini Eye Center. And the price? We offer the lowest price of 2500 CZK or € 102* for a complete kit which lasts long enough to trim your own eyelashes and not the artificial ones. Now for our introdcutory price with the discount of 10%, ie. 2250 CZK or € 92*.

* The sum will be calculated according to the exchange rate valid on the day of surgery.