Retinal detachment

• rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (retinal detachment with a tear)
• tractional retinal detachment (a detachment complicating eg. diabetic retinopathy, posttraumatic conditions etc.)
• exudative retinal detachment – in certain cases of intraocular tumors

Vitreous clouding

• bleeding into the vitreous (most frequently in diabetic retinopathy and retinal blood vessel occlusions)
• bothering vitreous cloudings caused by aging of the vitreous
• synchisis scintillans and asteroid hyalosis (specific types of vitreous cloudings of an unknown origin)
• vitreous clouding of an inflammatory origin (infectious and non-infectious etiology)













Serious changes of the eye ground in a diabetic patient with bleeding into the vitreous


Vitreomacular junction diseases (the boundary between vitreous and macula)

• macular hole
• epimacular membrane
• macular edema (an edema of the vision acuity center) caused by vitreomacular traction (by pulling the vitreous and its membranes behind the retina of vision acuity)







Epimacular membrane on the retinal incision

Luxation of natural or artificial intraocular lens into the vitreous
Accompanies eye injuries or makes cataract surgeries more complicated