Michał lost his vision two years ago as a result of an immunological disease of the cornea. A surgical procedure of this type is not available in Poland and therefore, he sought such a possibility abroad. He found out about the Gemini Clinic and about several successful implantations of artificial cornea of the Boston type, in which Dr. Stodůlka helped patients to regain their vision.

“I was worried about how the surgery would go and I was even prepared for not being able to see for a few more months. When I saw the movement of the doctor’s hand after the surgery, I was taken by surprise and 15 minutes after the surgery I could see colours and small items. The shock from being able to see overshadowed all my other feelings” said Michał immediately after the surgery.

The typical injury which calls for the implantation of an artificial cornea is for example a severely burnt eye by lime or by some other chemical. However, the surgery cannot be undergone by people who are blind from birth, or those who became blind, for example, as a result of glaucoma or diabetes. An artifical cornea cannot help patients, who have a damaged eye nerve or retina.

The story attracted the attention of Polish Media. Public TV station TVP 2 invited dr. Stodůlka to take part in a live broadcast together with Michał.