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Pavel Stodulka founded the Gemini Eye Clinic in 2003. The first branch was opened in Zlín, Czech Republic. Since then, Gemini has grown to include ten more facilities, including one in Vienna, Austria, and one in Ostrava-Hrušov, intended primarily for Polish patients. And what are the most significant achievements, and what can the Gemini Eye Clinic be proud of over the past 20 years?

The clinic’s success is mainly based on using state-of-the-art equipment, innovative operating procedures, and a top-quality team of medical professionals and specialists.

The most important Czech first, which the clinic can be proud of, is the first femtosecond laser operation, which took place in October 2006. This is the most common method of operation for removing diopters. The procedure is quick, safe, and, above all, painless.

In 2008, the clinic was the first in the Czech Republic to perform a Boston-type artificial cornea transplant. Thanks to this type of transplant, it was possible to restore sight to patients who had been blind for decades.

Another first was achieved by the Gemini Eye Clinic in 2012 when chief surgeon Pavel Stodulka performed the first cataract laser surgery with the VICTUS laser platform. This is a more accurate and gentler method than the ultrasound method.

During the autumn of 2019, major innovations took place at the clinic. Pavel Stodulka was the first surgeon in the world to perform a procedure called lenticule rotation. A few weeks later, together with the French development team of Keranova, he presented a new femtomatrix laser platform for cataract surgery. This laser is currently the fastest in the world in this field. In addition, it uses robotic arm technology.

Dr. Stodulka held another world first in 2022 as well. He was the first to implant the FineVision HP intraocular toric lens. For people with astigmatism, the lens allows seeing without glasses at all distances. The first presbyopia surgery was also performed in the same year using the ReLEx Smile method, which simultaneously corrects myopia and hyperopia. This year, the Eye Clinic also established its tissue bank, the fourth in the Czech Republic. This guarantees greater availability of corneas to more patients in a shorter time.

The Gemini Eye Clinic has managed to help hundreds of thousands of patients in its 20 years of existence. Our thanks go especially to those who have entrusted us with solving their eye problems. In addition, the clinic is proud that world-class ophthalmologists from different parts of the world come to learn and observe surgeries here.

Last but not least, a big thanks goes to our extraordinary employees who, with their commitment, knowledge, and empathy, help patients see better daily and also build the prestigious network of Gemini Eye Clinics.


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