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Long-term stable vision thanks to phakic lenses

There may be situations in which a patient interested in living without glasses and lenses has, for example, a problem with a thin cornea or a high number of diopters. Therefore, they are not a suitable candidates for laser correction of an eye defect. An alternative solution for patients aged 18-45 can be implanting of a unique lens referred to as phakic. During a painless outpatient procedure, it is inserted into the eye, while the biological lens is preserved.

It can be used to solve myopia or farsightedness, including possible combinations with astigmatism (phakic toric lens) or in combination with amblyopia (phakic presbyopic lens). The optical parameters of the phakic lens are determined during a detailed preoperative assessment. The lens must be ordered well in advance of the surgical procedure, and we must wait for the manufacturer to produce it individually. A short outpatient procedure is then performed with local anesthesia of the eye using eye drops.

Phakic lens benefits

With a phakic lens, we can also correct very high eye defects and restore the quality of vision in the short time after the procedure. It is a safe, stable solution in the long-term and does not require any additional care, nor does it bring restrictions in everyday life. If necessary, the phakic lens can be removed from the eye again or, if necessary, replaced with another without the biological lens being affected in any way.

How a phakic lens works

The phakic lens is a thin contact lens inserted inside the patient’s eye into the so-called posterior chamber – the space between the iris and the lens itself. It is designed to work together with the natural lens in front of which it is implanted. Thus, after the surgery, the patient has two lenses in their eye – an artificial phakic lens and their biological one. The lens is ordered directly from the manufacturer, i.e., tailored to each patient. It cannot be implanted in anyone else.

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