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The spark in your eyes

It is said that a proper woman should have a spark in her eyes. Did you know that you can get such a sparkle in your eye with an implantation?

The eyes can be decorated with a golden eye sequin with a diameter of 1 mm, which is always inserted into the eyes in pairs. That means two sequins in one eye. The sequin is visible at 2-3 meters under regular daylight. Visibility is even better under artificial lighting. A person with a sequin in their eye can only see it when they look in the mirror.

Laser implantation of the ocular sequin is possible either as a separate procedure or in combination with a laser diopter removal surgery. At present, the golden eye sequin implantation is performed only by Dr. Stodůlka at the Gemini Clinic in Zlín and Gemini in Prague.

There are no restrictions nor risks following the implantation. The sequin can be removed from the eye again after some time.


Zlaté flitry do očí

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