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Are you between 18-45? Get rid of your glasses fast and safely

  • gentle and fast outpatient procedure
  • for selected methods, a lifetime warranty included in the price of the operation
  • the best price on the market
  • high-quality care of experienced specialists


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New life without glasses and lenses

Gemini Eye Clinic is the most extensive network of eye clinics in the Czech Republic, which, thanks to 30,000 procedures a year, is one of the largest eye care facilities in Europe. Every day, we help people who have decided that they no longer want to be limited in their lives by wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Education, experience, considerate and personal approach. Whether you choose any of our teams to assess your eyes and the subsequent procedure, you will leave not only happy with the result but also with the good feeling that everything went to your maximum satisfaction.

In 2020, we celebrated 25 years since the first LASIK surgery procedure in the Czech Republic, carried out by Pavel Stodůlka in 1995 in Zlín. Thanks to our vast experience, this method has been refined to perfection in our country.

State-of-the-art lasers, which we use at Gemini Eye Clinics, allow us to gently and quickly eliminate all common eye defects such as myopia or farsightedness, including their possible combinations with astigmatism. We will recommend the most suitable surgical method based on a detailed device measurement and examination carried by one of our ophthalmologists. You can make an appointment online or by phone at (+420) 577 202 202.

State-of-the-art technology

Gemini eye clinics are equipped with the latest and fastest lasers. The last of these is the Z8 femtosecond laser, which was the first in the Czech Republic to be purchased by the Gemini Eye Clinic. This laser is equipped with OCT imaging technology, which enables the surgeon to see the eye’s delicate structures during LASIK surgery. For clients, this means only one thing – an even safer and more accurate procedure..

In 2014, the first patient was operated on at Gemini using the ReLEx Smile method. At that time, a unique VisuMax laser from the German company Zeiss, which enables the operation of patients with diopters very gently, became a novelty in the clinic’s equipment. With this method, we operate on myopia and, as the only one in the Czech Republic, also on farsighted patients. The laser creates only a small incision in the cornea, significantly smaller than in other methods. This brings a number of benefits, such as minimal mechanical corneal damage and reduced risk of dry eye syndrome. The risk of infection is also very low.


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What does the operating day look like?

From admission at the reception through painless device measurements and assessments and the surgery itself to leaving the clinic – watch a short video to find out what your procedure at the Gemini Eye Clinic might look like.

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For your safety and the best result of the surgery, we will first perform a comprehensive preoperative examination.

Do not wear contact lenses for at least 3-5 days before coming to our clinic. Failure to follow this principle may result in skewed vision information, as the contact lens occasionally leaves an imprint on the cornea. Take your health insurance card and the ID card with you.

We use the most modern devices and techniques for the assessment. Based on the measured parameters and personal consultation with one of our ophthalmologists, we will recommend the most suitable method for correcting your diopters. If we find a very complicated defect or should we detect some operational risk, we prefer not to perform the procedure. The safety and health of our patients is our number one priority.


Today, laser eye surgery is very safe, gentle, and popular, thanks to modern technologies and procedures. You will not feel any pain during or after the procedure. The anesthetic drops first numb your eyes. Patients only describe the feeling of mild pressure in the initial part of the surgery.

The operation itself is a quick outpatient procedure (10-15 min), which is usually performed on both eyes in one day. Immediately after the surgery, the vision is slightly blurred. However, patients often notice improvement immediately after the procedure. The postoperative course and recovery after Femtosecond LASIK and ReLEx Smile methods are also very fast. For example, a patient comes for surgery on Friday and goes to work on Monday.

Unfortunately, the health insurance companies of the Czech Republic do not reimburse the laser correction of eye defects. Patients, therefore, pay the full price of the procedure themselves. You can view the price list of procedures here.

We have been trying to make surgery affordable to our patients, which is why you can pay for laser correction of diopters in installments without any increase (only with Czech citizenship) at all Gemini eye clinics. Furthermore, the price includes warranty for the result of the operation.

Day of your surgery

  1. Upon your arrival at the clinic, you will first be admitted at the reception. Our nurses will write down the necessary data and ask you for a health insurance card or your ID card. One of our nurses or ophthalmologists will pick you up in a moment. You can make your waiting more enjoyable with some of the hot or cold beverages, which are, of course, free of charge for you.
  2. Your next steps will lead to short and painless device measurements. Through examinations such as diopter measurements or intraocular pressure measurements, we obtain accurate information about your vision. You will then be thoroughly examined by a specialized ophthalmologist, who will evaluate the data and recommend the most suitable vision correction method. If you have any questions, do not be shy to ask.
  3. After consulting an eye doctor, the nurses will prepare you for the surgery. You don’t have to worry about any pain. A few drops of anesthetics are enough to numb the eyes. You will spend only a few minutes in the laser room in a comfortable lying position, during which an experienced eye surgeon and the laser room nurse will take full care of you. A flashing green light will show you where to look. To remove diopters, we exclusively use top lasers made in Switzerland and Germany, which ensure a safe course of the surgery and a stable result.
  4. The laser surgery is an outpatient procedure, so you will be able to go home with your companion two to three hours after the procedure. Before leaving the clinic, the nurse will provide you with eye drops and postoperative instructions. You will also arrange a follow-up appointment, receive a medical report and sunglasses to protect your eyesight.
  5. Your new life without glasses and lenses begins the following day.

Postoperative routine

Immediately after the procedure, your vision is slightly blurred, but this will improve over the next few hours and days. Clients with more significant visual impairment often see better immediately. We recommend resting for 2 to 3 hours in the comfort of the waiting room. Before you leave, we will provide you with instructions for the postoperative period. We will also provide you with eye drops to take home with you, so you don’t have to go to the pharmacy, but accompanied by friends or relatives, you can head straight for home. On the first day, we recommend keeping your eyes closed as much as possible, as it helps the healing process. In the following days, vision improves rapidly, although sometimes one eye sees better a little earlier than the other. Again, there is nothing to fear; this is a normal condition.

Before leaving the clinic or during the first week after the surgery, we will schedule the date of the check-up together. We will do our best to satisfy you both with the time and place of your check-up. If it is convenient for you, you can undergo the operation in Zlín and come to Prague, for example, for your check-up.


We stand by the result of our medical interventions. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on selected laser operations, i.e., LASIK ReLEx Smile, 7D DIAMOND LASIK.

You can claim the free lifetime warranty at any time in the future if your Gemini ophthalmologist recommends repeating the operation, in the same way, using the same equipment, and if we continue to use these methods at Gemini Eye Clinic. For the LASIK ReLex Smile method, the warranty also includes any surface laser surgery. In such cases, we always consider the patient’s health and the safety of each repeated procedure. The first surgery, as well as all other procedures must take place exclusively at the Gemini Eye Clinic facilities. If you undergo surgery at another eye department, no other free care can be applied. Of course, this does not apply to cases of urgent care.

It is also necessary to follow all the instructions given to you by Gemini specialists after the operation. It depends very much on the exact observance of medication and examination dates and the strict adherence to all postoperative restrictions and instructions. Violation of these will not only lead to the loss of the warranty, but above all, it can lead to irreversible damage to the eyes.

What is not covered by the lifetime/five-years/one-year warranty, or what leads to its termination?

  • Any eye injury resulting in loss of or impaired vision or change in the condition of the cornea.
  • Any vision disease that manifested itself after the initial laser surgery and was not indicated during the preoperative examination. E.g., cataracts, glaucoma, presbyopia (need for reading glasses), inflammation, retinal/vitreous diseases, etc.
  • Any other general illnesses that occurred after the initial laser surgery (e.g., diabetes, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, or other autoimmune diseases) that may affect the eyes.
  • Corneal conditions (e.g., thickness or curvature, dryness) that no longer allow for further safe laser surgery.
  • Obvious violation of the postoperative regime or omission of prescribed inspections. And also, postoperative eye interventions performed elsewhere than at Gemini clinics.

Methods and packages


The LASIK method is the fastest and most popular way to get rid of diopters painlessly. No surgical scalpel is used during the surgery, but two state-of-the-art lasers. The first laser (usually a femtosecond one) creates a thin layer of corneal tissue called a flap or lamella on the patient’s eye, which provides postoperative painlessness. The surgeon then uses the second laser to remove the eye defect. Our modern lasers consider each eye individually, ensuring the most accurate result. At the Gemini Eye Clinic, we offer the LASIK method in three variants:

    • Femto LASIK (one-year warranty included)
    • Crystal LASIK (5-years warranty included)
    • 7D Diamond LASIK (includes a lifetime warranty and 7D laser)

The LASIK method using a 7D laser is extremely accurate because a special laser program monitors and predicts all possible micro-movements of the eye during the operation.


The ReLEx Smile method is a very gentle and less invasive method, in which we use the VisuMax femtosecond laser from the German manufacturer Zeiss. During the procedure, the surgeon does not create a corneal flap as with the LASIK method, they only make a miniature incision, which removes the excess part of the cornea after laser diopter removal.
This method is suitable for higher eye defects – in myopia, astigmatism, and now also in farsightedness. It may be beneficial in some patients, given the reduced risk of developing dry eye syndrome. We offer it in a variant with a lifetime warranty or a one-year warranty at the Gemini clinic.

PRK (Surface ablation)

This is a method in which no incision is made into corneal tissue. The dioptric defect is removed by a laser directly on the surface of the cornea. Postoperative pain may be the disadvantage, as is a longer healing time. On the contrary, the advantage is its non-invasive design – less interference with the cornea than the other methods mentioned above. In some patients, this is the only way to correct diopters, as it can be applied to thinner corneas. However, it all depends on the results of a comprehensive preoperative assessment. This method is not covered by warranty.

The LASEK method is a modificaion of PRK and LASIK methods.

An individual approach and safety is our number one priority, so the most suitable method of the procedure will be recommended by one of our ophthalmologists based on your preoperative examination and assessment results.

LASIK EXTRA (a surcharge)

An optional step of the procedure, in which we reinforce the cornea with a particular substance and light radiation. This time-saving process will improve the stabilization of the laser operation result.