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Get rid of dry eye syndrome - treatment with a new device

Every seventh person suffers from the so-called dry eye syndrome. It can appear at any age. In addition to the unpleasant feeling of burning and stinging of the eyes, it can also cause serious vision problems.

Lack of tears, or their reduced quality, causes patients unpleasant cutting or stinging sensations, the feeling of having tired eyes, or a foreign body in the eye. We can solve this problem at the Gemini Eye Clinics in Zlín and Prague. To treat dry eye, we use E-SWIN and ALMA BEAUTY LASERS devices.

How does the procedure work?

Five flashes of light are applied to the patient’s lower lid. These stimulate the nerves in the area of the meibomian glands (lacrimal glands in the eyelid), thus activating the activity of the lacrimal glands, which change the quality and quantity of the tear film by their increased activity. The eye (unlike other methods, such as artificial tears in drops) moistens its tear film. The activity of the meibomian glands activates several hours after the procedure.

During the procedure lasting only a few minutes, the eye is protected by flaps. The primary treatment takes place in four sessions. If necessary, another session can be arranged.

Can anybody undergo the procedure?

The procedure is not suitable for pregnant women, patients with diabetes, epilepsy, blood clotting disorders, dermatological diseases, patients with a pacemaker, tattoos, or permanent makeup. Before the procedure, we recommend omitting self-tanning creams and dietary supplements to support sunbathing (at least two weeks before the procedure); we do not apply to the skin after sunburn (in the last month).


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