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Pioneers in ophthalmology have not been resting. Danish prof. Jesper Hjortdal presented a new type of operation using a femtosecond laser at the European Congress of Ophthalmologists in Paris in September this year. He was trying to answer the question: “How to gently relieve patients of high astigmatism?” During the operation, which he called “lenticular rotation”, the eye surgeon uses a laser to create a narrow slice from the patient’s own cornea, which by correct rotation reduces the patient’s astigmatism (incorrect corneal curvature).

The first operation of this type in the world was performed by Pavel Stodulka at the Gemini Eye Clinic in Zlin. To this day, it still remains at the top of global development of new surgical methods and procedures that help dozens of patients to get rid of diopters and start their new lives without glasses and lenses.


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