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We visually accept up to 80 % of all perceptions. Sight is, therefore, our most valuable sense. Eye care includes both a healthy lifestyle and regular eye examinations by district ophthalmologists are crucial too. Time is at stake for severe vision problems. Early diagnosis can be the only chance to save the quality of vision.

The first eye screenings take place in pediatric ophthalmology in newborns. They can be used to detect, for example, congenital cataracts, tear duct obstruction, or amblyopia. “The preventive eye examinations include a painless examination aimed at measuring diopters, examining visual acuity both at a distance and at close range, measuring intraocular pressure, and examining the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. Ocular background check-up, where we drip the eyes with special drops and thoroughly examine the central and peripheral part of the retina and the optic nerve, should be an integral part of a comprehensive eye examination,” described Martina Šajdíková from the Gemini Eye Clinic.

Patients usually come to their eye doctor’s offices with deteriorated vision, typically with difficulty reading after the age of 40. However, this can be late in the case of severe eye diseases such as glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration. Many symptoms are hidden for a long time, and the patient perceives the changes only at a later stage of the disease. However, changes in vision quality can be irreversible.

The most common eye surgery is cataract removal. It is also the world’s leading, most commonly performed surgical procedure on the human body. Even though it is a fast, painless, and safe procedure, it is still the most common cause of blindness, especially in developing countries.


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