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Developments in AI are also affecting healthcare. Doctors are already using AI in their work, for now as an “assistant”, but in the future, it could take over some of their work. What are the experts’ views on this?

“In healthcare, there will always be a need for human resources to provide care, diagnose and treat patients. However, AI will also make a major impact on healthcare. Additionally, it is expected that in the near future, robots will perform certain routine procedures in healthcare. In the coming years, we can also expect a boom in artificial intelligence in the field of diagnostics,” says Pavel Stodůlka, eye surgeon and head of the Gemini network of eye clinics.

Martin Šramka, Technical and Development Director of Gemini Eye Clinic, comments on the issue, “AI is already being used at some leading clinics to select the most suitable artificial intraocular lens, and we have been using AI in this way at our clinics since 2018. We are still very much at the beginning of the journey of AI as a replacement for the doctor. But in the more distant future, it cannot be ruled out.” 

At Gemini Eye Clinics, we currently use artificial intelligence specifically to calculate the exact value of artificial intraocular lenses. This implies that, in practice, the doctor can suggest the most suitable option with maximum accuracy for the patients. All procedures, such as laser diopter removal and cataract surgery, cannot yet be performed without an experienced surgeon. However, our lasers also use the latest technology – one of which is so-called eye-tracking, where a special laser program monitors even uncontrollable eye movements. If there’s any deviation due to nystagmus or nervousness, the eye-tracking function halts further diopter lasering immediately.


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