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The unique femtomatrix laser, developed by the French company KERANOVA, brings a number of new technical solutions. As the only laser in the world designed for eye surgery, it has a robotic arm. Another unique element is the guidance of the laser beam by an optical cable, which has not been possible before. A key technical feature is the multiplication of the laser beam focus. At the point where the laser hits the ocular lens, there are 6, 9 or more focuses instead of just one, which is common for other lasers. As a result, the laser is much faster than the lasers currently used for eye surgery. The laser also offers a solution for complicated cases with a very hardened lens, without the need to use ultrasound for cleaning. Thanks to advanced analysis, the laser uses only as much energy as it really needs.

The use of the femtomatrix laser in other areas of ophthalmology is expected in the future. For example, it could be used to perform laser eye surgery to remove diopters. For comparison with the currently most used FEMTO LASIK method, there would be needed only 0,5 s to create a lamella, instead of the previous 30 seconds.

30 patients have already undergone this operation in a clinical study. The development team from France and experts from the USA were all present during the procedures. With this step, the Gemini Eye Clinic helped to further develop the ophthalmology field. In the next 5 years, the Keranova laser is expected to have a significant impact on eye surgery worldwide.


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