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The model and the very successful blogger Natálie Kotková made a decision to get rid of her glasses and for her, the laser eye correction appeared to be the only possible solution. Thanks to the precision of chief eye surgeon Pavel Stodůlka, she was helped from her myopia in only a few minutes. The Gemini Eye Clinic has gained its fame for the work of its top surgeons, utilization of the state-of-the-art surgical procedures and using the top laser platforms. Gemini has its clinics all over the Czech Republic, and for Natálie Kotková, the Gemini clinic in Prague-Krč was the best accessible one. “I do a lot of sports, I use computer a lot, study, travel by plane, so when I wore contacts, my eyes got dry,” she explained her reasons for deciding to undergo an eye surgery. The Czech Miss World trusted the experience of her friends and relatives. “My cousin, she was operated on at Gemini and many of my friends as well,” she justified the choice of our clinic. The model and blogger had suffered from myopia and astigmatism. She got rid of these by means of the lifetime guarantee procedure 7D DIAMAN LASIK, and by strengthening of the cornea for the stabilization of the visual outcome.

Natálie Kotková is not only the most beautiful woman of 2016, but she also counts a vast number of followers as a blogger. Her blog was awarded last year in Czech Blog Awards as the best blog in the Life cathegory. On 18th November, another year of the poll took place in the Hilton hotel in Prague. And Natálie Kotková had again been nominated.


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