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In 2015, the Gemini Eye Clinic was the first eye clinic in the Czech Republic to use the Z8 laser from the Swiss manufacturer Ziemer. Last year’s autumn, the first operations to remove diopters with this laser using the new gentle CLEAR method was performed at the Gemini Eye Clinic in Zlín. This week, eye surgeon Stodůlka also operated on the first Austrian patients using this unique method. The lamellar process could be even more accessible to patients than ever before in the future.

The modern laser from the Swiss manufacturer has assisted in the removal of diopters using the Femto-LASIK method and in cataract surgery. Its gentleness lies in the low energy of his pulses. In addition, it is highly accurate, which contributes to the rapid achievement of high-quality vision after the procedure and fast recovery. The new generation of laser can now be used for other purposes – laser correction of diopters without creating a corneal lamella. This is an alternative to the popular ReLEx Smile method performed using the VisuMax laser from the manufacturer Zeiss.

The lamellar method is suitable for patients in whom laser surgery would not otherwise be possible due to specific corneal parameters or lower tear film quality. This eliminates possible complications during postoperative healing and reduces the risk of dry eye. It is suitable, for example, for patients who engage in contact sports. The procedure will be available at several Gemini workplaces for patients for whom the lamellar diopter correction method has been recommended.


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