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Pavel Stodůlka, chief surgeon of the Gemini Eye Clinic network, attended the recent convention of the British Society for Refractive Surgery. He lectured about his long-term experience with a phakic presbyopic lens.

This innovative lens, which Dr. Stodůlka was the first in the world to implant in 2014, sparked a lively discussion and received positive responses.

Chief surgeon Pavel Stodůlka has been engaged in refractive and cataract surgery for decades. At the BSRS convention, he had the opportunity to present his several years of experience with the phakic presbyopic lens, which proved to be a revolutionary solution for patients suffering from presbyopia. 

Presbyopia is an eye defect that occurs in elderly patients. It is usually manifested by poor focus at short distances. A presbyopic person tends to move the text further away from the eyes. Popularly, this defect is also called the “disease of short hands”.

Technically, a phakic diffraction lens solves farsightedness and helps people from reading glasses. It is common in people over 40 years of age. “In the past, this defect was solved by replacing the eye lens with an artificial one. The phakic posterior chamber lens that carries diffractive optics allows the original lens to be left in the eye. The implanted lens corrects distance vision defects, and diffraction optics help the patient with reading and near vision,” described Pavel Stodůlka.


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