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1. Has anyone you know undergone the surgery before?

Recommendation of your friends, a personal experience, a satisfied patient – that is what you should be interested in most. We ask our patients how they learned about the Gemini Eye Clinic and the most common answer is that Gemini was recommended to them by a friend or relative who was satisfied with our services.

Do you know anyone who has undergone a surgery at Gemini? Watch some of the references from our patients.


2. Lasers: Or who should know all about it?

Z6, Z8, 7D laser… – you are not an ophthalmologist and do all the letters and numbers make your head swim? Everybody is saying that they are the fastest, most precise, and the state-of-the-art and you do not know who to trust? How to prove an eye care clinic is modern, the technology they use is not out-dated, but that the clinic keeps a step ahead of others? The Gemini Eye Clinic has participated in the development of several lasers, and some of them were at the clinic used for the first time in the Czech Republic.

You will find out how modern the clinic is already during the pre-operative examination. The examination is free-of-charge, you do not have to feel obliged and you are free to form your own opinion on the facility. Based on the results of the detailed pre-operative assessments, you will talk to the ophthalmologist about the most appropriate method for you and your vision.

We aim to serve the needs of our patients and we feel they do have the right to have all of their questions answered before the surgery for free, not for a fee.

3. Where does the medical team works to whom I may confide my eyesight?

Choose the clinic you trust because of the fact that you know top specialists work there, who are continuously educating themselves and monitoring the new trends in eye surgery. The Gemini Eye Clinic ophthalmologists belong among them. The quality of their work is the responsibility of the chief eye surgeon Dr. Pavel Stodůlka, Ph.D., FEBOS-CR, who last year successfully passed a specialized examination in subspecialization in cataract and refractive surgery with the title of FEBOS-CR as one of the first in Europe and as the first one in the Czech Republic. The LASIK, as well as Femto LASIK methods were in the Czech Republic introduced by him, he collaborates on the development of some of the laser platforms, he lectures here as well as abroad. Dr. Stodůlka and his team regularly participate in international conferences and they also organize and hold such conferences.

We stay true to our work and therefore offer a lifetime guarantee for the outcomes of the surgery.



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