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Summer brings many pleasures that can endanger eyesight. Therefore, it is a good idea to protect the eyes and prevent discomforts such as inflammation or injuries. What dangers can there be to your vision when staying near water?

Swimming goggles are suitable protection when swimming in natural or chlorinated water. This protects the eyes from irritation and inflammation of the conjunctiva or, in the worst case, of the cornea. If swimming goggles fit well, they protect the eyes from dirt, debris, and bacteria. “Swimming in water with a large presence of cyanobacteria can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva or cornea, the treatment of such inflammations is complicated, and they can also permanently damage vision. Cyanobacteria are especially dangerous for small children, the elderly, pregnant women, allergy sufferers, and contact lens wearers,” eye surgeon Pavel Stodůlka listed.

Swimmers should also remember to remove contact lenses. They should be given special care, especially in the summer. A viral or bacterial infection can get under the contact lens. That’s why one-day contact lenses are recommended, which can be disposed of after bathing. Sunglasses, with a UV filter of 400 at least and thus protect the eyes from dangerous UV radiation, also serve as protection.

“During swimming, a foreign object, such as fine sand, can get into the eye. For that reason, it is important not to rub your eyes after swimming because even a tiny grain of sand can scratch the eye unpleasantly,” concluded Pavel Stodůlka. After staying in the water, it is, therefore, advisable to drip the eyes with artificial tears or running drinking water.


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