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Sight is the most important of our senses. We have been taught about its functioning since elementary school. But they probably didn’t tell you that. Did you know, for example:

  • You can blink up to 5 times in 1 second? Go ahead and try it.
  • The eyes are filled with a jelly-like substance.
  • Your eyes can get sunburned just like your skin.
  • Your eyes don’t need rest to function at 100% whenever you need them.
  • If the human around here was a camera, it would have 576 megapixels.
  • Eyes contain the only cells in our body that survive from birth to death.
  • Almost half of the brain is devoted to making us see.
  • There are some people who have a fear of eyes – it’s called ommetaphobia.
  • On average, we read 25% slower on a screen than on paper.
  • A fingerprint has 40 unique characteristics, whereas an iris has 256.
  • Scientists don’t know why we cry when we’re sad.
  • Blue-eyed people have a higher tolerance for alcohol but a lower tolerance for sunlight.
  • We spend 10% of our waking hours with our eyes closed.
  • Of all the colors, we can identify the most shades of green.



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