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The work of eye surgeons requires immense precision, but also the ability to deal with non-standard situations or possible complications with calmness. The VRmagic Eyesi simulator rotates around Gemini eye clinics as needed, currently located in one of the operating rooms in Zlin. It is used for training beginner surgeons to master the operation of microsurgical instruments, pedals and microscope, as well as to help experienced surgeons to warm up. They confirm that the device simulates real eye surgery very accurately. During the simulated operations, doctors gain skills, experience and confidence that they can then apply in the practice of eye surgery.

VRmagic Eyesi offers a wide range of training options – different steps of the operation, level of difficulty or simulation of possible complications. The device also features a robotic head. The surgeon can practice intraocular surgeries – cataract surgery or retinal surgery.

Advanced technologies help to move the level and possibilities of ophthalmology forward rapidly. The Czech Republic belongs among the world leaders in ophthalmology. Many procedures have been performed for the first time ever at the Gemini Eye Clinic under the leadership of world-renowned eye surgeon Pavel Stodulka.


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