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Every year, cosmetics rank among the evergreens among Christmas gifts. Thanks to online shopping, the choice is all the more complicated as we choose from an abundance of cosmetic products and brands. However, attractive packaging should be one of many deciding factors when purchasing. Appropriate content is important too. Low-quality products can cause discomfort not only in the sensitive eye area.

It is often not worth trying new, unproven cosmetic brands. Fragrant ingredients, plant extracts, or preservatives can cause unpleasant allergic reactions. “Especially around the eyes, the skin is susceptible and suffers from frequent changes in cosmetics. The eye itself is also very sensitive – when buying mascara or eye shadow, it is, therefore, a good idea to find out which brand the recipient already uses and stick to it. Untested cosmetic products can burden the skin and contain various allergens that can cause unpleasant health complications in the form of eye redness, excessive tearing, or swelling,” pointed out Pavel Stodůlka, chief ophthalmologist of the Gemini Eye Clinic network. Experts also warn against buying from unverified eshops. You run the risk that these are fakes of branded cosmetics, the composition of which differs considerably from the original. Some low-quality ingredients can harm your eyes.

If eye irritation appears when changing cosmetics, use should be stopped immediately. In an acute condition such as stinging or burning, it will help to drip the eye with artificial tears or rinse it with a stream of running water. In case of persistent problems, it is necessary to visit an eye doctor. Untreated inflammation can seriously endanger vision.


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