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Blue light, especially at night, disrupts the body’s natural biorhythm. It signals to our brain that it’s still daytime, so it’s harder for us to fall asleep, and we’re sleepless, irritable, and have trouble concentrating. How can we protect ourselves without having to buy special glasses with a blue light filter?

Monitor settings

You can reduce the brightness or set warmer colors on the monitor directly and use the computer or phone settings. Some applications and programs, such as Twilight, f.lux, or Iris, suppress blue light.

Regular breaks

When you have to work on the computer for a long time, looking elsewhere for a while is suitable to rest your eyes. There is a 20/20/20 rule – after every 20 minutes of watching the monitor, fix your eyes somewhere 5-20 meters away for 20 seconds.

Limit the time spent on the phone before bed

At least two hours before falling asleep, it would be ideal not to look at any monitor. For example, try reading a book, doing crosswords, or writing a diary in bed by a lamp with a yellow or orange light.

Remember to blink

Watching the monitor for a long time can cause dry eyes. This is caused by the fact that we do not blink as much when focusing our gaze at a close distance. Eye drops can also solve an emergency if you can’t think of it.

If you want to buy glasses with a blue filter for higher quality protection, you can choose from a wide selection in our online Gemini optician.


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