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Pollen season is in full swing and with it comes misery for many allergy sufferers. Allergies to tree and shrub pollen can result in unpleasant symptoms such as itching, tearing, swollen eyes, or the feeling of a foreign object in the eye.

Approximately one in three Czechs suffers from various forms of allergy. In addition, every second allergy sufferer has eye problems. “The most common manifestation of eye allergy is conjunctivitis. Although conjunctivitis usually occurs during the spring season, it can also occur throughout the year,” warned Pavel Stodůlka, head of the Gemini eye clinic network.

Treatment of eye allergies can be varied. Avoiding eye contact with the allergen is key, which is why the use of sunglasses is recommended. It is also a good idea to rinse irritated eyes with cold water. Acute symptoms can be soothed by eye drops with antihistamines and substances that relieve redness and swelling. However, if symptoms do not ease, it is important to find professional help.

“Active allergies can be a reason why we have to turn away some patients who want to undergo laser diopter removal during the pre-operative examination and postpone the procedure. This is not an exceptional situation. One of the reasons why it is not advisable to perform the procedure during a period of active allergy is that the patient may even be measured with different diopters than they actually have. Therefore, we recommend that these patients postpone the procedure to a period when the allergens are not active,” emphasizes Karel Liška, Director of Medical Operations at Gemini Eye Clinic.

A person can become allergic at any time in their life, so many people don’t even realize they have an allergy at first. However, delaying treatment may not be worthwhile. “Long-term untreated eye allergies can lead to complications where allergic inflammation affects the cornea. This can even permanently reduce the quality of vision,” warned Pavel Stodůlka.


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