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Dr. Höllerer used to compensate his eye error with glasses and later with contact lenses. Due to frequent ophthalmic inflammations and infections, he had decided to terminate his troubles for good – with laser eye surgery. He was very surprised by the procedure as well as the result of the surgery. “You can get up again after several minutes, then you open your eyes and you are astonished by how sharp you can see,” he described the course of the day of his surgery. However, he had belonged to those patients who weigh up undergoing laser eye surgery. “I must say that I enjoyed wearing glasses and I now miss them a bit,” he admitted in an interview for the Gemini Eye Clinic. The positive aspects clearly persuaded him and he now can wear glasses only as a fashion accessory. “If you want to wear sunglasses in summer, it becomes a bit complicated as I needed dioptric sunglasses which I did not always had on me; Now I am able to read the time on my alarm clock in the morning, which I could not do before,” he named several of minor things that make his life of a higher-quality.

Gemini Eye Clinic in Vienna is one of the ten Gemini facilities. Where can you visit our Gemini clinics?
The pre-operative examination before a laser eye surgery at the Gemini Eye Clinics is free of charge. You can make an appointment on the phone number +420 577 202 202 or via an online form.


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