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After the age of 40, natural human lenses slowly lose the ability to focus at a close distance. In addition, cataracts occur later, and the quality of vision deteriorates. By replacing intraocular lenses, it is possible to get rid of both problems in a single, painless procedure. In addition, the improvement in vision is permanent. Therefore, there is no need to delay the replacement of intraocular lenses until an older age.

Cataracts occur mainly in old age. It is manifested by blurred to milky vision. Colors also lose contrast. It cannot be treated in any other way but surgically. Cataract surgery is the world’s most common surgery on the human body. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia using eye drops. Replacing intraocular lenses brings a permanent improvement in vision.

In addition to cataracts, the ophthalmologist may also recommend replacing the lenses as a solution to a dioptric defect (short-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism) in patients who do not yet have cataracts or who have only an early stage. After the age of 45, laser diopter removal is no longer effective. With a surgical procedure in which an artificial one, so-called lensectomy, replaces the human lens, it is possible to get rid of glasses and, at the same time, an incipient or advanced cataract in one procedure.

Patients can choose from several types of intraocular lenses after consulting the ophthalmologist. These lenses are divided into monofocal and multifocal lenses. The Czech health insurance companies cover the primary monofocal lens with sharp vision at one distance (usually at distance). The patient then retains reading glasses. At Gemini Eye Clinics, we also offer improved monofocal lenses at an additional cost, providing better vision and retina protection.

Multifocal lenses offer independence from glasses at multiple distances. For example, the patient gains sharp vision at all distances (near, medium, and far) with trifocal lenses.



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