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The bright light is one of the most frequent forces negatively influencing your vision. It is therefore worth protecting your eyes with sunglasses with the high-quality UV filter. You should also protect the eyes of your children against the sunbeams. “The standard UV filter most commonly used for sunglasses is 400. That is a fully sufficient value for eye protection in the Czech Republic as well as at the seaside. Especially children’s eyes should be protected against the UV rays at the seaside or in high mountains. It is less dangerous for an adult, who does not wear sunglasses, than for children,” said Karel Liška, the chief optometrist at the Gemini Eye Clinic.

The sun rays may cause not only painful inflammations, as well as cataract, which might be treated with a surgery. “If eyes are exposed to the UV light in the long-term, the surface of the conjunctiva and of the cornea may become damaged. That leads to corneal inflammation or conjunctivitis which often manifests in the form of scratchiness, burning, and redness of the eye. These conditions are highly uncomfortable, painful and irritating, even though they are without permanent consequences and are treatable with eye drops and ointments. A bigger problem it is for the allergic when inflammations may turn into their chronic form. Chronic sun exposure may cause also the rise of cataract and exceptionally, when looking directly into the sun, also irreversible damage to your retina. Therefore, do never look directly into the sun. It is not only unpleasant, it mainly is dangerous, “ warns Pavel Stodůlka, the Gemini Eye Clinic chief surgeon.

The sun is not the only danger for your eyes. It is also salt water, sand or wind which can damage your vision. “Saltwater also irritates eyes and causes itching, burning, and scratchiness. The same applies to strong winds or sand which can come in contact with your eyes at the beach. Wind or sea water may cause conjunctivitis which must always be treated with appropriate eye drops,” noted Pavel Stodůlka.

However, the Czech waters are not safe for our eyesight. “Our swimming pools often contain a higher amount of chlorine negatively affecting the surface of a human eye. Eyes often itch, burn, sting, and turn red. These troubles may lead to conjunctivitis. Ponds with natural and therefore unkept water become a feasible environment for living bacteria and viruses, most frequently cyanobacteria in high amounts. They may be the cause of conjunctivitis and corneal inflammations and problems endangering vision. Swimming goggles or diving masks may provide some good protection to your eyes,” concluded Pavel Stodůlka.


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