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The most common manifestation of an eye allergy is conjunctivitis which makes the eye go red, itch and lacrimation. Such troubles occur especially in spring because they are caused by  pollen from plants.

Dr. Stodůlka advises on how to resist allergies: “The most crucial in allergies is to, if possible, prevent the organism from the contact with the allergen. It means to avoid places we know will cause us troubles; especially places with an excessive dustiness, but also places where plants and flower grow which cause allergies.” If you cannot avoid such places, sunglasses may help as they keep at least some part of the allergen clear from your eyes. “Should the early signs of allergy occur, a very good piece of advice is to rinse your eyes with cold water, and thus wash them,” Dr. Stodůlka advises.

An allergy may manifest at any age. A vast number of people do not at the very beginning realize that they may suffer from some sort of an allergy. When should you visit the doctor? “The symptoms vary and frequently they are rather inconspicious. In those who visit their eye specialist on a regular basis, an allergy may often be discovered earlier than the subjective signs manifest. If the symptoms of a severe eye allergy are persisting, you should see your eye care specialist in up to three days. In the accute phase, it is recommended not to wear contact lenses. Your visit at the doctor’s is fundamental for the danger of the emergence of any complications. Best way is to find the cause and in collaboration with the ophthalmologist to treat the allergy comprehensively. It is not easy to treat eye allergy as it is not easy to get rid of a total allergy once and for all. In the absolute majority, the prescribed medicine or eye drops will at least significantly relieve from the annoying symptoms, or completely eradicate them,” Pavel Stodůlka clarifies.


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